The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is the Best product (except for .net 2.0)

So a few weekends ago I had my house warming party.  After the 45 some drunken people left my walls had seen better days.  So following the advice of a friend I had gotten some Mr. Clean Magic Erasers (

Let me tell you how well they work.

Those nasty blue jean stains on the white walls (I have flat paint) are gone.  The dings where the TV people were attempting to deliver my new TV gone.  Those damn black marks that appear from time to time (like someone threw a shoe at the wall), GONE.  Silver looking scratches from when buttons on peoples pants rubbed on the wall, GONE.

No more 409 and the pain coming off the wall.  Or stains because the color in the towel you are using to clean bleeds on to the wall.

I love these things.  One thing I found is that if you cut them in half you get just as much cleaned but get double the cleaners :)  I have been told that once you are done using them you can let them dry out and then store them until you are ready to use them again.  They will get to a point when they are really dirty and that is when you thow them away.