userparameters attribute in AD for a user (and how it sucks)!

Call me a stupid person (or just an angry one)!

I am attempting to write some .net code that will allow me to uncheck (or check) the "Allow logon on Terminal Server" option for a given user account.  And it is not as easy as it looks. 

I don’t want to load some Active X control to do it either (which can be done). 

Turns out that the userparameters attribute is a HUGE mess of data.  It seems that no one knows what all components use this to store data.  As it was stated elsewhere you need a secret decoder ring for each component that you want to modify setting for. 

If anyone knows anything about this setting in the AD please let me know. 

I hope this is something that we fix in future versions of Windows. 


Well looks like there is an unmanaged API that allows you to do what I want. 

After some direction from Alex.  I found