Answers revealed: The Hallowed Halls of MSDN

As promised, here are the answers to the pop quiz from my last post:


1. According to Chris, what does PAG stand for?

      Prescriptive Architectural Guidelines

2. What does PAG really stand for?

      Prescriptive Architectural Guidance

Extra Credit: Of the 100 people that make up MSDN, how many of those people are part of PAG?

      Trick Question: PAG is not part of MSDN so the answer is 0.  However, we do share the same building.

3. What kind of drink is located on the shelf directly below the talking rain?


4. Why isn't Sara Williams in her office?

      She is at the “Directs Meeting“.  What's a Directs Meeting?  A meeting of all the people who report directly to Sara, of course (and usually a few others).

5. What is visible on the corner of the desk directly above John Serna's right shoulder?

      A box of kleenex.

6. When Chris says, "Tim's gone," who is he referring to?

      Tim Ewald

7. What shape is immediately below Rangan's nameplate on his door?

      That would be a shark.

8. What language is Saratoga being developed in?


9. What is on the left wall in Karla the admin's office?

      A map of the world.

10. What stylish piece of clothing is Sara wearing in the picture of her when she was 11?

      A brown vest.

11. What is Chris wearing on his head on his poster?

      Underwear.  Green Underwear.

12. What does the small sign say immediately above Shawn Morrisey's nameplate?

      Hippies use side door.

13. How can you tell Steve Kirk is an architect?

      He has legos

14. Who was meeting with Kent Sharkey and Brian Johnson?

      A couple MVPs: Darren and Andy

Extra Credit: Whose office is just past Kent's?

     That would be my office.


And one last question...what career limiting move did I make, adding myself to the 36% of those individuals who have gotten in trouble because of things they have written on their blogs?


Answer: Spelling Shawn Morrissey, my boss, incorrectly (see Question 12).