Are you ready for Launch?

At MSDN, we are frantic about getting ready for the upcoming launch of Visual Studio 2005, SQL 2005 and Biztalk 2006.  The launch events are being organized, the VPs are all getting in line, Steve is preparing for the keynote, we are revamping the MSDN homepage, our developer centers, scrubbing our beta content, building new content and getting all the ducks in line to support what could be called the largest developer tools launch in Microsoft history.  There are a bunch of people from a bunch of different areas in the company and around the world, all testing their abilities to work together as a tight team.

Sometimes, I think there is no way that MSDN can pull off what we need to do.  Sometimes I'm giddy about our efforts.  At the moment I'm giddy.

We'll see where I am tomorrow. :-)