Cats and Dogs Living Together

Julie's post reminds me of our current animal situation at home.  We have 3 dogs (2 Bichons and 1 Maltese) and a bunny.  We have been trying to aclimate the two species so that we can do things like clean the bunny cage without worrying about blood ending up all over the place.  The cage is on the floor so the dogs often walk over and look to see what Sugar (the bunny) is doing.  Lately they have been sticking their noses up to the cage and waiting there until Sugar comes up and touches her nose to theirs...then both can go on their way.  I'm still not quite ready to leave the two species in a room by themselves -- not that the dogs would try to hurt her, but they definitely want to play with her and I don't think she has what it takes to play something we affectionately call "The Puppy Game".

But my favorite inter-species story is from a 1994 article in National Geographic.  Apparently Polar Bears fast for a couple months (I can't remember if it is when they are waiting for the ice pack to form or if it is when they are waiting for the ice pack to start breaking up).  So this starving polar bear starts heading for a husky, tethered  out in a field.  Owner observes this and says, "Darn, that bear is about to eat my dog."  As the bear approaches the dog, the dog gets down on its front legs, hind legs up, tail wagging like crazy, noticeable smile on its face.  The bear proceeds to play with the dog for the next 15 minutes, wrestling, bear on top, then letting the dog be on top, back and forth until the bear gets hot and rolls over and rests.  Eventually he lumbers off.  The article story is told with pictures which are amazing.

Maybe the peas feel the same way when my daughter pushes them around her plate.