Compressive Guides

One of the cool pieces of content on TheServerSide.NET, is a portion of the pre-release version of an upcoming Patterns and Practices guide on “Improving .NET Application Performance and Scalability.”  From the descriptive text:

The team that gave you the following two security guides for web application security (see section, Security Guide) is now developing a compressive guide on performance and scalability.

I was looking at the use of term compressive guide and thought it was a little strange.  Certainly compression can play a large role in performance and scalability so maybe it did make sense.  Or did this mean that the guide was compressed, ie. it was a quick reference kind of thing.  Or maybe I didn't understand the definition of compressive.  I looked it up on and saw nothing exceptional in the list of definitions.  I even did a google search on compressive guide and found a bunch of hits.

Finally, my dense brain realized what you probably realized as soon as you read the title of this entry.  It was supposed to be comprehensive guide.  MS Word was invariably auto-correcting a typo and so we have compressive guides all across the Internet now.

How long can it be until the English language evolves accordingly?