How many blogs do you follow?

Over dinner at TechEd the topic of how many blogs you follow came up.  The general consensus was somewhere in the neighborhood 20 to 40.  Keith piped in that he follows 500!

"I've always been a fast reader," he says.

Now one of the things about working at Microsoft is that it has more than it's fair share of supersmart people.  Nothing I have seen during my interactions with Keith has led me to believe that he is anything but one of the aforementioned smart people, but 500 blogs?  It makes me want to witness his act of "following" a blog.  I mean reading is one thing, but there are also links to follow and other things that might take time.

My current count is 24 and I often find myself just clicking the "Mark all as read" option fairly often.  Maybe I'm not using the right tools.  Then again, maybe I'm not reading the right blogs.