Through the magic of DNS, my blog is now also available via  For those of you who have only seen this on, then I'm sure you are thoroughly impressed.  Now you can make two different entries in your RSS reader and get the same content!

Actually this is more than just DNS wizardry since there is a real filter of going on here.  I don't want to diminish what was probably a lot of work on someone's part.

This does bring up another cool and little-known fact.  For those of you tired of typing in MSDN URLs like, you can actually type the shorter and get to the same location.  This is actually achieved w/ a simple redirection to the real URL, so I wouldn't publish links to, but go ahead and save yourself the 10 keystrokes when you are typing things into the address box in your browser.

I'm also pleasantly surprised to see that I rank 11th on the bloglist at the home page at the moment.