It's Starting to Get Exciting...

It's always fun to see how Microsoft gears up for the PDC.  Here at MSDN we are scrambling like mad to stay on top of all the different technologies that are being announced and have content around them that need to be published simultaneously with one or another keynote.  I'll be heading down to LA myself on Monday, the day before official day 1 (They are doing some very cool pre-con sessions Monday too).  I'm hoping all our preperations will have paid off and we will just have to push a button or two by that time to get everything live. 

I'll be spending a lot of time in the Indigo, I mean Windows Communication Foundation, cabana so make plans on stopping by and saying hi.  If you want to talk about MSDN and the content we publish, we can talk about that too.

Hope to see you there.  If you aren't going, follow what's happening at the PDC on MSDN.  You won't want to miss it.