Metaphorically Speaking

Enough of this Metropolis stuff...I'm talking about the sort of things that come up in everyday conversation.  Here are a few that I specifically remember over the last few weeks:


In a meeting today a colleague of mine wanted to express how a group within the company seemed to be accepting him now...he mentioned that he felt like they had just wrote 'Andy' on the bottom of his shoe.  Which of course refers to the movie Toy Story where first Woody and then Buzz reach toy nirvana by having their owner, Andy, write his name on the bottom of one of their shoes.


In a discussion on a technology choice which had some faults: "We're not going to give them scissors if they're just going to run with them."


"It's not like we're talking about the green fruit-loop or anything," which referred to the unexpectedly (at least to me) enormous task of creating the intricate marketing plan required to successfully add a new color to the O-shaped, multi-colored breakfast cereal.