My Namesake


I occasionally go up to google and see what I get when I search on my name.  Over the course of history (okay, over the course of the last 5 or 6 years) I've held my own for the most part at the top of the “Matt Powell” list - particularly after my book was published.

But then it happened...

My friend from high school who works for IBM in Austin sent me a clipping a few years ago from the local paper.  Matt Powell plays the local Honky Tonk Pub.  This was mildly amusing because I've had some musical ambitions in my life.  Of course there is more than one “Matt Powell” in this world, and one with more musical ambition than me was starting to make his attack on my top google seat.

Things stayed pretty quite for a few years after that original shot across the bow with a bunch of my writing being published online.  But recent history has not been so kind.  The other Matt Powell has slowly increased his level of influence.  I thought starting this blog would deal a death defying blow and occasionally it teases me with moments at the top, but the sweet taste of mild pop icon has proven to be too delectable for the masses.

For the first time, I actually went to my namesake's site and listened to some of his music samples.  I'm sad to say that I was quite impressed.  His website image makes him out to be one cow pie to the right of pure country which is definitely a disservice to the music I heard (I'm not a big country fan).  I'm thinking that I'm going to have to admit defeat and buy one of his CDs. 

I've met the enemy, and he is us.