Results from the WS-Federation Passive Requester Profile Interop Workshop

Jorgen had us post the results from the WS Federation Passive Requester Profile Interop Workshop that occurred at the end of March.  I imagine this means good things for the spec:

The workshop demonstrated high levels of interoperability between all implementations, and this was achieved much more rapidly than expected, and with fewer issues. Several minor points of clarification were gathered for the spec and scenarios authors to investigate.

Due to the rapid progress made, the workshop concluded one day early, having both completed and exceeded the original objectives for the meeting.

I suppose this might mean that after writing a few dozen specs that these guys are getting pretty good at it.  Or it could be that the scope of WS Federation Passive Requester Profile is such that it is pretty well defined.  In any case, the future for federated passive signons seem to be an interoperable certainty.

Or maybe it was that it was an absolutely gorgeous day here in Redmond, more reminiscent of June than March. :-)