[Edited to correct the spelling of SamUrai]

Loved The Return of the King as indicated in an earlier post.  Saw it a second time with the rest of my family and it was still good.  But I'm here to say that I liked The Last Samurai better.

My wife loves all movies as long as they are romantic comedies.  She likes some dramas too as long as there is some romance and humor in them.  She grudgingly went with us to see TRotK just to experience the event.  I had to talk her into The Last Samurai.  She thought it looked too violent (and it is violent but not in a Natural Born Killers way).  But she is a sucker for Tom Cruise so off we went.

We both loved the movie and I have to say that after my second viewing of the King that I would much rather own Samurai when it comes out on DVD.  I would say that it even had more of those heart thumping moments that I love than King did.  You know, the ones you never get in those great artistic movies that everyone says are so much better than movies with action in them (“Tender Mercies“?  Give me a break).

In the “What does Tom Cruise have that I don't have” conversation that we always get into after my wife's 3rd or 4th Tom Cruise gush, I made the claim that he is older than I.  She scoffed and said, forget it....richer, better looking, more famous AND he is younger than you.  The Internet is a great thing and I came to find out that I am well over 6 months YOUNGER than that old Cruise crony.  Sure he's rich and famous but tell that to yourself when your feeding him strained peas!

Anyways, enough of my phobia that my wife would drop me like mildewed bread if she ever got a chance to really meet the Cruister.  I'm talking about a movie here.

Go see it if you haven't already.  Especially if you are seeing TRotK for the 5th time.