The Meaning of Everything

The local NPR affiliate, KUOW, featured Simon Winchester, the author of The Meaning of Everything, on its daily Weekday show today.  The subtitle of the book is “The Story of the Oxford English Dictionary.“

I can waste hours flipping through a good dictionary.  I could waste lifetimes (yes plural) flipping through the Oxford English Dictionary.  The 22 volume set currently sells on Amazon for $2,105 US. 

I didn't hear the entire interview, but as I was getting out of my car, Simon Winchester scoffed at the Microsoft Encarta Dictionary which he indicated with disgust defined Madonna as a 1972 pop singer.

Microsoft has reached a new low when the Oxford English Dictionary is now bashing us.

For what its worth, I didn't see anything having to do with the pop singer here.  But let's not let truth get in the way of a good Microsoft bash. :-)

Here's KUOW's MP3 of the whole show.