Want to learn what this Silverlight thing is all about?

I've had the opportunity to talk to quite a few Web developers at conferences and so forth, and the good news is pretty much everyone has heard of Silverlight.  The bad news is that quite a few haven't reached the point of actually playing with it yet.  I can certainly relate since as busy Web developers I'm sure finding time to dig into a new technology can be challenging.

And boy do I have a solution for you!  Perhaps you are thinking about attending TechEd this year (TechEd US 2008 Developers, June 3-6 in Orlando)...in addition to a bunch of great sessions on the latest information concerning Silverlight (as well as ASP.NET, AJAX, Visual Studio, IIS, and all the other great Web technologies Microsoft has to offer), there will also be a day-long PreConference session on June 2nd designed to get you up to speed on Silverlight.  Then you can walk into the other Silverlight sessions during the week knowing what you are talking about, and will return home as an offical Silverlight geek.  And to top it off, this Silverlight PreConference session is being presented by the best guy in the business: Jeff Prosise.  You cannot go wrong.  The cost for the additional day of TechEd is $350 over the standard registration price of $1,795 (this is the early bird price which saves you $200). 

Here's the link to register for TechEd and Jeff's Silverlight preconference session: https://www.msteched.com/dev/public/regprocess.aspx.

Spaces for Jeff's Silverlight Preconference session are limited and they are going fast so don't wait too long.  BTW: Early bird registration ends April 4th, but I doubt there will still be spots in Jeff's Precon by then.  So register quick.

And I would be remiss if I didn't mention that Bill Gates will be delivering the TechEd keynote.  I don't know all of Bill's schedule, but this has to be about the last big keynote he will be giving as Microsoft's Chairman.  History in the making.

See you at Teched,