"WPF/E" is now Silverlight!

Microsoft Silverlight

Tonight we announced the official name of wpfe....Microsoft Silverlight!  This is the beginning of a bunch of work my team has been doing which begins tonight at NAB 2007 and culminates with a plethora of announcements and technical information that will be available at Mix07.  Both happen to be in Las Vegas.  But one has about 100,000 attendees and the other has about 2000.

Unfortunately Mix07 is sold out, but you can follow the happenings at the event on the Mix07 site and/or on the other Web properties (like MSDN).

And by the way, if you want to see one of the cooler capabilities of WPF/E...I mean Silverlight...check out the new site at http://www.microsoft.com/silverlight/.  In particular the video quality is tres kewl.  Maybe the video should be called, "We need skateboards...lot's of skateboards." :-)

I suppose one question a lot of people will have is, "Is there a new version out?"  The answer is no.  This is the WPF/E CTP that has been out for awhile.  If you haven't looked at it, you may want to now.