WS-Eventing Update Published

Microsoft and others published an update to the WS-Eventing specification.  The bigger news is that IBM and Sun are co-authors on this update.  For those who thought IBM and Msft were breaking ties when IBM was not on the original draft, I can say this is a good sign that we are still working closely together.

I'm also happy to see Sun added to the list of authors.  Its good to see them not only involved in the future direction of Web services, but also working with all the companies in the Workshop process to get their input on the specs in so that the process of getting these ratified by standards bodies will be a lot more efficient and focused.

Of course the real take-away here is that the industry is dedicated toward the advancement of the Web service architecture.  The fact that three companies agreed on the spec is nominal compared to the fact that three companies, that disagree on many things including some of their views on the future of Web services, believe moving the Web service architecture forward is a really big deal and are dedicated to working together to make sure that happens.

And don't forget, you can get your input in too.  Check out our Workshop page  on the MSDN Web Services Developer Center for information on future and past Workshops.