Sharing permissions for Authenticated Users in SharePoint 2013 Preview

I actually feel a bit embarrassed about this one, but then I thought... OK, maybe if I'm struggling with this, there must be other fools out there that are as well.

So picture this… I'm building my SharePoint farm and creating my Contoso Intranet portal, and one of the first things you do when you have created your publication portal, is add Authenticated Users to the visitors group…

Hey, what's a portal without users right?

But then it hits… WTF is this screen? Where is my people picker? Well.. it's no longer there in lots of places where we add permissions.

So I start typing but No Results. I try all sorts of combinations, but no joy.
I end up searching the web, but I seem to be the only poor soul not being able to crack this nut.

Then it hits me. I'm better than that stinking dialog. I just type 'NT AUTHORITY\AUTHENTICATED USERS' and press Share.

Voila! SPUser added, and after having signed in as another user, it even works.