bharry's WebLog : New TFS Power Toys Available!

Like a lot of developers, I spend a lot of time in Visual Studio (Not as much as I used to, since I am Lead Dev, but I still code quite a bit). However, I am relatively new to using TFS and the TFS source control system.  Today, I needed to look at all the differences in a changelist to figure out how I broke some functionality in something I had worked on and then shelved last week.  I thought this was a standard thing to do, but it is not a feature in the version of Team Explorer that shipped. Bummer. :-(

After a quick look for an internal or un-released tool that could do this, I did a search and found the new version of the TFS Power Toys, which includes TreeDiff and Annotate.  It only took a few moments to install, and all the new actions are exactly where I expect them to be in the VS context menus.

The TreeDiff tool helped me find what I broke in the Guidance Package I was working on in about 2 minutes.  Talk about a time saver over needing to diff each file independently and inevitably finding the problem in the last file you check.

I also checked out the Annotate tool, and it looks slick.  It will be useful for when I need to determine why a change was made to a specific chunk of code, if the comments don't describe why, which is very useful when providing guidance.  Often times with guidance "why" is more important that "what."  Of course, the rest of the team will probably use this feature on changes I made more than the other way around. ;-)

Link to bharry's WebLog : New TFS Power Toys Available!

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