Call for Feedback

There are two areas we are looking for feedback from the community, software factories and possible functionality the Web Client Software Factory.

In the past year or so, patterns & practices has released five factories. Glenn, Tom, and Don have requested feedback (via a survey) on software factories and what the community thinks about it. So, please fill out the survey

Glenn is also asking for users of the Web Client Software Factory to help define what the highest requested feature for our second release is.  Lots of folks have been voting for "Ajax Support in the WCSF" on the WCSF CodePlex community site. From Glenn's post:

    1. Supporting partial post backs and ASP.NET AJAX Server controls. Basically this means being able to throw portions of your pages into update panels, allowing those portions to be dynamically updated without a full postback.
    2. Exposing WCSF / CWAB functionality on the client. This means we create a set of proxies that you can call from client-side javascript code in order to interact with server functionality i.e. Services, Presenter, Controller, etc without having to post back.

Click on the item above you like more to go to the matching item in Issue Tracker and then click on "Vote"

Thanks for the input

[Note: Ooops.  I've been so focused on shipping SCSF I made a typo above.  Sorry about any confusion.].