Front Page of the Seattle Times!

This morning, I was sitting in a local coffee shop, drinking a latte, and I checked my email on my phone since I was expecting a response from someone.  In my inbox was an email from Keith Pleas (the organizer of the p&p Summit) that the Seattle Times online had an article that highlighted p&p.  I walked over to the newsstand, grabbed a copy, and was surprised to see my face on the front page. :-)  Needless to say, I ended up buying a few copies to share with my folks, inlaws, and a few others.

The online article is here:Microsoft campus expands, transforms, inside and out.  It does not talk about the team, or patterns & practices, but rather, the ongoing campus expansion.  The front page photo was of the Client team room in the p&p Agile Development Center.  I was standing behind Blaine, helping him as he put together a web site with the Web Client Software Factory.  It was a reminder of why he is a Program Manager, and why we do not let him code much anymore.  (Don't worry, Blaine has said as much himself, on stage at the p&p Summit).

[Update] I got an email with an A/V article at the Times site, Microsoft's New Look  which talks a bit about the space, has a few pics, and quotes Peter Provost.