Presenting at the Agile 2006 International Conference

A while back, I mentioned the Agile 2006 Conference.  At the time I was working on an Experience Report, "How Not To Do Agile Testing," which I'll be presenting at the conference.  The paper highlights my experiences in MSN as our team adopted Scrum, focusing on the challenges we encountered around testing.  You may be wondering "why would a developer write a paper about testing?"  Simple: it was painful learning the lessons we learned, and I don't want to see others to learn the same way we did. 

Also from Microsoft, Peter Provost, Brad Wilson, and Mitch Lacey will be presenting the TDD Pair Programming Game.  Peter is also with p&p.  Brad is working with Jim Newkirk on CodePlex, and Mitch is a PM and agile coach within MSN (and he had worked on the project I based the paper on).  I know there are a few other folks from MS presenting at Agile 2006, but I don't have a comprehensive list, yet.  I'll post more as I hear about them.