Smart Client Software Factory May 2007 Shipped!

We (finally) shipped the May 2007 version of SCSF.  I should have posted earlier, but I needed a short break from computers in general. ;-)

Here are links to a few other posts that other folks from the team have done.  Without a great team, this project would not have been possible:

Here are the top three complaints and problems I have seen so far, and solutions:

  • There are a few folks complaining about the CodePlex Releases page being out of date.  Oops.  It is now fixed.  It had been on the list to do Friday, but slipped to Monday morning.
  • Other folks are complaining about a lack of a list of dependencies and links to these dependencies.  When you launch the installer, on the first page of the wizard is a button on the bottom left that says "Dependency Checker".  Click it, wait a moment, and let the application scan your computer.  It checks for a few key pieces of software, and provides download links to each of them.
  • Finally, folks have mentioned the lack of an upgrade path from SCSF v1.  Basically, SCSF May 2007 is a replacement.  SCSF May 2007 does not work side-by-side with SCSF June 2006.  You must uninstall the old version before installing the new one.  The solutions you had from v1 can have the new GP enabled on them if you want.  There are differences in functionality, but hopefully for the better.

Now, I am going to enjoy the rest of my weekend, before we start on the next versions of the Web Client Software Factory tomorrow morning.