Thoughts on Code Coverage

Jim Newkirk and Brad Wilson have an interesting blog post on code coverage and what it means.

They have some interesting ideas to think about.

On my last project, I ran covereage numbers at fairly regular intervals.  At one point, the trend sharpy dropped, and I had a conversation with the dev team, resulting in us fixing the problem.  I guess I did what they are advocating, not with intent, but on accident.

On my current project, I want this reporting to become automatic, and not need to worry about communicating the problems with the team, but have them see the problem and take responsibility without intervention... We'll see how it turns out, if I can get the automation and reporting to work.


[Note: I know that TDD is not testing, and a better description is Example Driven Design.  I threw the Testing tag in anyway, because this can apply to acceptance test code coverage as well as unit test coverage.]