Support-Info: (SYNC SERVICE): HOW TO Troubleshoot and Test the Export process

An Export is the process of writing to the External Data Source (EDS).

Here are a few key points that you should know/understand about the Export Run Profile.

  1. An Export is always a Delta: We only export changes to help the export be as efficient as possible.
  2. An Export has the following status's:
    1. Pending Export: A synchronized object that is ready to be exported to the target data source
    2. Awaiting Export Confirmation: An exported object that the synchronization service engine wants/needs to confirm the data it wrote to the external data source.
    3. Export Error: An error has occurred while exporting the object

You can find more information on the Export Run Profile on the Run Profiles in Forefront Identity Manager 2010: .

Exporting to an External Data Source (EDS) using Identity Manager Synchronization Service Engine is where the Synchronization Service Engine can be a stressful run profile if you are not aware of the information that you are exporting.  The following How To articles can provide guidance on how to test the export process and be more aware of the data that you are actually exporting.

HOW TO - The how to articles below can provide assistance in testing the export prior to actually exporting.


The first thing to know about stopped-server is that it is not an error.  Stopped-Server is a status that is returned to the Synchronization Service Engine console indicating that there is a possible problem with the run profile that was executed.  Stopped-Server is one of the most re-occurring items that we see in support around mainly export and sometimes imports.  A stopped-server can occur on any management agent (connector).  The very first place to look if you do receive a stopped-server status is the Application Event Log.  If this is the FIM Service Management Agent, then we should look in the Forefront Identity Manager (FIM Service) Event Log.

There is some troubleshooting links documented below in the troubleshooting section.

TROUBLESHOOTING - If you are receiving some sort of export error, here are a few ways to troubleshoot different export errors.

If you are utilizing the Global Address List (GalSync) Synchronization Process and running into some Export issues, please check out the Export Errors section of the GalSync Resource Wiki.

If you are experiencing issues with the Export Run Profile on the FIM Service Management Agent.