Tracing is a very valuable tool when troubleshooting different issues in the Forefront Identity Manager 2010 product.  There are different types of tracing, so I wanted to take a moment to cover each of these different types of tracing.


Types of tracing for the FIM Service

How to enable FIM Service Management Agent Tracing If you are using FIM 2010 R2, you may want to review our new Forefront Identity Manager FIM Management Agent event log.
How to enable FIM Service Tracing FIM Service Tracing was available in FIM 2010 to help troubleshoot a multitude of issues pertaining to the FIM Service.  You might find FIM Service tracing to be valuable in the areas of:
  • Experiencing issues running an Export on the FIM Service Management Agent
  • Request Processing
  • Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) issue.
 How to enable FIM Portal Tracing
How to enable ETW tracing for the FIM Service  Another tool to trace happenings with the FIM Service.

Types of tracing for the FIM Synchronization Service

How to enable verbose logging for the Lotus Notes Management Agent  This is available via the new Lotus Notes Management Agent Connector.
For Windows Azure Active Directory Connector

Types of tracing for the Directory Synchronization

How to enable tracing for Password Synchronization for Directory Synchronization  Assists in troubleshooting Password Synchronization for Directory Synchronization.