Announcing the Off-Road series of posts

After a lot of feedback from users, we'll be producing a series of blog posts that talk about using our tools in the "off-road" vein, for instance outside of the VS environment for whatever reason, or using features that are deeper in the product.  We're waiting for VSTS Beta2 to be released to post these, since they relate directly to those bits, but here's a taster menu for what's coming in the next few weeks:

  1. "Off-Road" ASP.Net profiling.  This covers profiling on test servers where there is no VS installed, and doing instrumentation or sampling on those systems.
  2. "Off-Road" Code Coverage.  This covers how to drive code coverage stuff from both the command line and from the control and analysis assemblies we have.
  3. "Off-Road" Deep profiling features.  This will cover how we have enabled support for chip level performance counters in the VSTS profiler
  4. "Off-Road" Profiler automation.  This will cover how to drive the profiler in a number of ways to allow profiling collection and analysis to be tuned and plugged in to existing systems you have.

If you have more topics you'd like to see us cover in the "Off-Road" series, here's the place to let us know,