eDT Chats - a great success

I felt the chats mentioned below were a great success.  A wide range of issues were touched on that were relevant to profilers and code coverage.  We'll be drilling into some of these in our blogs across the DA team (http://blogs.msdn.com/profiler/) over the coming weeks.  Topics will include:

  • Profiling and code coverage on VPC
  • Walkthroughs on effective ASP.Net performance investigation with the profiler
  • A closer look at some features and design decisions in the profiler to aid in comparison
  • How to automate the profiler and code coverage engines from outside Visual Studio
  • Profiler support for native code, and chip level performance counters

We hope you'll tune in over the next few weeks.  Thanks to all of the customers and MVPs (as well as us ahem "experts") that contributed to a great start to our chats.  I'm sure they'll be a regular fixture.