PDC08 - Debugger tips and tricks talk posted

The channel 9 rendering of my talk at PDC is now up for your general enjoyment/education/amusement. 


The topics I covered tricks in stepping, breakpoints, symbols, multi-threading and post-mortem.  Judging from the evals the reception was pretty good, and I really wish I had the time to go deeper and go over more stuff.  I was especially pleased with being highest rated talk in the TL track for job relevance :).  I'd like to hear if folks would like to see more of this at PDC09.  We are considering whether we should have pre-con sessions on debugging, profiling and diagnostics to really go deep.  For the chap "D" from company "C" who was able to answer my opcode question, please get in touch.  Other talks  that I would encourage you to check out:

Steve doing his "Let's pretend this says System.String" line is one of my favourites of all time.

I'm not sure hte title of Habib and Justin's talk did justice to what we were showing off, which was the first introduction to historical debugging coming on line in VSTS 2010.  However we received the highest evaluation scores for all of PDC (by some margin) for the Hands On Lab that Justin produced to demo this feature.  We literally think it will change the way people debug, and will become increasingly important in diagnosing issues as platforms become more distributed and cloud based, e.g. Windows Azure.