Sprint 10 Review

Today we're holding our Sprint 10 review. If you recall we do sprints for both dogfooding support and platform work. Here's a recap of what we accomplished in the last month.


  • Six more teams within Visual Studio completed converting to MSBuild
  • We completed our first integration of all the converted branches into the parent branch of our build process. If this sounds messy, that's because it is *grin*.
  • Prefix support is checked in!
  • Our dogfood builds now support IDL to TLB to meta assembly generation
  • Proper support for build phases natively with MSBuild .targets files (this was all done with pair programming)
  • Cleaned up build traversal and clean logic
  • Documentation for Managed C++ builds
  • Unit tests are now in place for dogfood .targets files


  • All compatibility tests are written! This includes targets, shipped tasks and loggers, source code/APIs, command-line build, and solution builds. Since this is all we set out to do for platform in this sprint, I'd say we did pretty well.
  • We started to engage with other teams such as FxCop, VB, and TeamBuild so we can understand our compatibility testing requirements there.

Sprint 11 will start in January when everyone is back from vacation.

[ Author: Neil Enns ]