Podcast: Tony Scott discusses Microsoft IT transformation to business process, digitization of business

Tony Scott was recently interviewed by Peter High, president of Metis Strategy, for the "Forum on World Class IT" podcast series. During the 30-minute interview, Tony discusses the following issues with Peter:

  • The genesis of Microsoft IT’s transformation to align to business processes, and how it derives from the desire to get the IT organization, systems architecture, and business processes properly aligned
  • How IT must go beyond collaboration and digitally connect the company across business units, as IT is one of the few departments that spans the enterprise and can act as a strategic enabler
  • How Microsoft employs an IT transformation method referred to as “GET”, where the organization plans for the change and Gets ready, creates roadmap for all changes to Evolve, and executes organizational changes to Transform
  • How this transformation has enabled IT to deliver standardized business processes that cuts across all product development silos, and has significantly improved speed to market
  • New skills that need to be promoted such as brand management and focus on digital business process, so as to improve the business awareness and understanding of IT employees
  • Eye on Trends : Cloud computing and how it facilitates the digital process journey Microsoft is undertaking through improved scalability and flexibility

You can listen and download the podcast here.