MSCOM WebCast Morphed Into PodCast…A Great Idea From A TechEd2006 Customer

While the Operations team was in Boston two weeks ago presenting at TechEd2006, a customer came up to chat with us. He had a great idea. He said, “I really liked the webcasts that MSCOM has done. I only wish that I could get the audio from those webcasts in a format that I could listen to while I am stuck in traffic going back and forth to work.”

Wow. We thought that was a dang fine idea ourselves. So we have extracted the unedited audio from those published webcasts and now... (drum roll please)... here they are for your downloading and listening pleasure! 


Here is the link to download the MSCOM Ops PodCasts. If you are using Windows Media Player as your default player for MP3 files, clicking on the Download link will launch the specific audio that you want. You can then save the file if you wish.

Also stay tuned to this blog as we should also have these available as streaming media in Windows Media Audio format (.wma) very soon (hopefully by the end of the week).


On the menu to download are the following:


The Operations Series


MSCOM_OPS_PodCast - High Availability Architecture with MS.COM Operations

MSCOM_OPS_PodCast - Configuration Management of Web Farms with Operations

MSCOM_OPS_PodCast - Change and Release Management Strategies with Operations

MSCOM_OPS_PodCast - Monitor and Manage and Enterprise Platform with Operations

MSCOM_OPS_PodCast - Troubleshooting and Debugging Web Hosting Environments Operations Introduces Real-World Debugging (March Debug Maddness)

MSCOM_OPS_PodCast - MS.COM Debugging Determining When You Have A Problem and Beginning the Initial Debugging

MSCOM_OPS_PodCast - MS.COM Debugging CLR Internals

MSCOM_OPS_PodCast - MS.COM Debugging Memory Leaks In ASP.NET Applications

MSCOM_OPS_PodCast- MS.COM How To Tackle Problems In Dynamically Generated Assemblies (ASP.NET)

MSCOM_OPS_PodCast - MS.COM Debugging Without a Debugger In IIS and ASP.NET

Of course if you want to watch the webcast that these audio tracks are pulled from, the IIS team has posted all of the Operations webcasts on their site at Get these and other great webcasts that the IIS team has produced. There is a wealth of information on this site, with webcasts on topics like Security; Performance, Reliance and Scalability; Management; Dignostics; Deployment and of course the Ops real-world series.