Being apart hurts...

Sometimes I wonder if us tuff guys are allowed to show our soft side once in a while. Maybe not... but right now I dont care and I am proud to show my soft side. Being apart from that special person is really difficult...

I look at a picture longingly... missing you... wanting you...loving you.

The way you look at me with your angelic eyes make all of nature seem
bland by comparison.

I think of the day when we will be together again.
The day when I will inhale the sweet scent of your hair, smelling your perfume, feeling your presence around me again.
The day when i will taste your sweet kiss upon my lips, melting
my heart with your inner sweetness.

I miss so many things when you are not close to me.
Your sweet touch, your lovely smile, the way we fall asleep together in eachother arms.
Missing all those little things makes it so hard being apart from you.