COOL! Microsoft CRM 3.0 Webparts

It might be a slow post, I saw it got available yesterday but hey better late then never!
I have seen a lot of people downloading the HOL's of John Straumann. But now we have something that is even more exiting. We have Microsoft CRM 3.0 webparts. The webparts allow users to view Microsoft CRM records as a list from a SharePoint dashboard, open records in Microsoft CRM 3.0 from the list, and connect Microsoft CRM Web Parts to filter different lists.

The List Web Part provides Windows SharePoint Services v2 and Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003 users with the ability to embed Microsoft CRM data into SharePoint Web part pages and build dashboards that support at a glance status of CRM processes. The List Web Part is designed around the Microsoft CRM list experience supports binding system and user views so that the CRM list can be customized and filtered. The List Web Part also supports SharePoint part to part communications. For example two parts one looking at Accounts and the other at Opportunities, these parts could be connected so that only opportunities for the selected account would be shown.

Happy downloading:

I would love to see your feedback, comments or the way you use it in your business.