Documentation refresh for Time Zone Data Updates and Update Time Zones Wizard!

Greg keeps me busy with this whole Daylight Saving Time stuff. One more post to help you guys deal with DST in the field. They posted a new version (Rev. 1.1) of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 Remediation Instructions for 2007 Daylight Saving Time Changes to the Microsoft Download Center. THIS IS A DOCUMENTATION UPDATE ONLY.   Please note these changes...

Summary of updates:

  1. OLEDB TimeOut registry setting marked with increased importance as we have seen this be our number one support issue.
  2. Local Admin rights necessary and you must be logged in as the actual CRM client user  when installing client-side 925874
  3. Information on if you need to install DST updates if users, resources, sites, computers are in a time zone not affected.
  4. Unmarking Tasks and Appointments when you run 932984 if you have already moved them manually, or with the Outlook or Exchange tool called out with more importance.
  5. Addition of stored procs and tables installed with server-side 925874.
  6. CRM Connector issue identified in the 1 hr before DST start goes into effect.
  7. 4 known reasons why you may receive error message “Failure : SDK*Exception An unexpected error occurred.” in the log file after you run wizard.
  8. More information on how the Wizard identifies records for possible DST updates.
  9. Section on ways to verify 925874 and 932984 worked.
  10. Steps on how to verify users are in the correct PrivUserGroup when they run or install the wizard or update.