E-ten Glowfiish M700 review continued..

As I have said in the first part of my review of the E-ten Glowfiish M700 I did not test and use everything. Well I can tell you one thing I still haven't tested everything on this phone. Just to much work and stuff going on to actually test everything right away.

I have taken some photo's with the E-ten and I discovered that the camera responds really active on light. I mean to say when it is to bright outside or when the sun/light shines into your lens it will display the lines on your picture. I think they made an error in the software and I hope E-ten will fix this when they update their ROM in a few weeks. If you tweak the Camera and change settings you can actually make decent pictures with it. Please don't compare it with a "real" digital camera...I mean just use that and stop crying if the M700 doesn't make the same pictures as your digital camera!

Easy to change and the playback of them is great. I made some custom ones from housemusic to old songs from the 70's and they all sound real good. Just place them in the rings folder. There is a tool on the phone "add ringtone" and when using that you seem to get a double entry in the ringtone list. I figured that placing the ringtone only in the ring folder was enough. Also no problem in using custom ringtones per contact in the phone. Just assign it and voila it works.

FM Tuner:
I have been using the FM radio a lot that comes with the M700. If you wonder why you can only hear the FM radio via the headphones, well that is because the headphones are used as your antenna. The reception is really good, I mean I drive to work with the bus through a big city and I keep jamming to House stations they have over here. The weird thing is that the "band" meaning Euro/USA/Japan is messed up. Even knowing that my phone is an imported UK phone the "band" settings still should work. Well it works when I use Euro and guess where I am located, yes the USA. At least it works, but I hope they fix that in the ROM update.

Battery continued:
Using the phone in real life situtations now and placing calls, calling voicemail, using EDGE for internet and Outlook I can tell that my phone has a max usuage of two to two-and-half days without charging. I noticed that it forgets the GPRS settings when you let it go totally empty or remove the battery manually. I think they also fix this in the new ROM update.

If my information is correct E-ten is one of the few organizations that will and can support the next version of Windows Mobile, codename Crossbow. Not a lot of manufacturers do this, and this would suck.

Although I have not used the GPS yet. I can tell based on information of other forums that these programs work without any problems:

  • iGuidance 3.01
  • TomTom Navigator 6
  • Mapopolis 4.7
  • iGo 2006

I have installed several custom applications on it. One of them is a RSS/Podcast reader and that works just great. Extracting the .CAB file on the device, got installed and it worked pretty fast. The one I do not like and maybe it's me, but that is the Spb Today suite. It totally messes up my today screen and I really dislike those little blocks at the top of the screen when installing any product from Spb. (Those blocks I have seen on all PPC's)

Update: http://blogs.msdn.com/mscrmfreak/archive/2007/05/14/my-second-review-of-the-e-ten-m700.aspx