HELP! Customers and Partners are talking..

I have posted the Microsoft Help update before, but i saw this great email again from a co-worker and i had to post it onhere just as a reminder that we’re listening to our partners and customers…so get your online help update today.

Did you know that the Microsoft CRM Online Help has a feedback option built into every topic? Many customers and partners have been using it to provide the Microsoft CRM User Experience team with a better understanding of the kinds of problems and tasks they need to solve. We’ve used that information to update the online help, which is now available on the Microsoft Download Center. This update contains changes based on customer and partner feedback during the months of December and January. You can download it at:

Here’s some information to help guide you when using the Online Help

If you’re looking for task-based (“how to…”) or overview information about features, the best place to find it is to open Microsoft CRM, and on the Help menu, click Help on This Page or Contents.

Help on This Page provides specific task-based information (What can I do from here?) regarding tasks a user can perform from the page they are on. For example, if the user is in a list, they will see topics such as “Create or edit a lead”. Or if the user is in a form, they will see topics such as “Create an e-mail message in the Microsoft CRM client for Outlook”.

Each topic has links at the bottom (Related Topics) that provide access to overview information to help users understand more about the area they are in or the task they are trying to complete.

If you select Contents, you will have access to all the overview and task-based information. Many topics have a heading at the bottom “Learn More on the Web.” These links take users to our Web site, which provides scenario-driven articles. You can also access it directly at