Well as you all might already know my first name is Menno. I was just searching the internet today using the new and improved search engine and the results just suprised me. I did not know till today that there is a city in South Dakota that has the same name as me. Totally funky and i must say has better results than g00gle.

A short description of Menno town in South Dakota:

"The City of Menno was founded by German-Russians who first came to the United States from 1847 to 1848 and settled in Nebraska. The area around Menno was settled in 1874 after delegates were sent north to find land on which to develop permanent settlements. The residents of current day Menno, different and yet united in spirit, are proud of their heritage and still celebrate it. Located in the southeastern part of Hutchinson County, Menno continues to hold its small town character."

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People that know more about my name, please be so kind and drop a comment...