Menno? (Part 2)

Well as you might have noticed, I have been slacking on my postings. I had vacation and went to see the town that carries my name. YES I didnt made it up, there is actually a town called Menno in South Dakota as you could see in my previous posting.

The real story behind Menno and his name is that the town got mixed up when assigning the citynames when building the railroad. Freeman officially should be Menno and Menno should be Freeman. Freeman has a large collony of Mennonites, that should explain the city name Menno. Untill today they never have changed or corrected this.

I discovered Menno by playing with 


When cruising through South Dakota (with my sweety) I noticed that South Dakota has a lot of city names that are firstnames as well. Some names I have seen beside the road are:

  • Mitchell
  • Pierre
  • Martin
  • Vivian
  • Marian

Have fun in visiting a town that has your firstname. A quick way to see if South Dakota has your firstname as city is going to this website: