Microsoft CRM ABP

I have many questions and emails regarding ABP. So what is ABP, well ABP stands for Address Book Provider. This integrates with your normall address book in Outlook. It will sync Queues / Users, Leads, Accounts, contacts and Facilities/Equipment.


Sometimes the Microsoft Client setup fails and has an error about the ABP, although it finishes the setup and the client is working. Follow these steps to manually install the ABP when your setup might end with an error regarding the ABP.

1. The installation will fail with Action Microsoft.Crm.Setup.Client.InstallAbpAction failed. This is an error regarding the CRM Address Book Provider. The next steps will fix the problem:

2. Find the CRMABS32.dll from the CRM Client Installation Disk (CD 2) in the \PFiles\MSCRM\Client\bin folder, and copy this to both C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MSMAPI\1033 and C:\WINDOWS\system32 folders

3. Copy the following text at the bottom of both C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MSMAPI\1033\MAPISVC.INF and C:\WINDOWS\system32\MAPISVC.INF

Providers=MSCRM ABP
PR_DISPLAY_NAME=Microsoft CRM Address Book

PR_PROVIDER_DISPLAY=Microsoft CRM Address Book

4. In the same MAPISVC.INF files, under [Services] section, add the line

MSCRM AB=Microsoft CRM Address Book

5. Go to Control Panel -> Mail -> E-mail Accounts and select "Add a new directory or address book" then select "Additional Address Books" and click on "Microsoft CRM Address Book".

6. Start Outlook and go to Tools -> Options -> Other -> Advanced Options -> COM Addins and enable the "Microsoft CRM Outlook Addin"

7. In Outlook go to Tools -> Address Book, then go to Tools -> Options -> Add, and select all 6 CRM address books - CRM Accounts, CRM Contacts, CRM Facilities/Equipment, CRM Leads, CRM Queues and CRM Users