Microsoft CRM and replying on emails in a Queue

I have had several discussions with customers on this topic and I must say I have to agree with them. It is really not logical when having a support queue that is used by a support team of let's say ten persons and when they reply on an e-mail it will have the support person's personal email address instead of the email address of that queue.
Currently there is one workaround that is manual but does the job.

  1. In the message that you opened in the queue, click the lookup button next to the From field.
  2. In the Look Up Records form, click Queue in the Type list.
  3. Click the queue from which you want to send the e-mail, and then click OK.
  4. Type the message text, and then click the Send icon.

I hope this helps you discussing this issue a bit better with your existing customers. I know there is also a script out there, but this requires a user to be an "CRM Administrator" and that's something that most customers do not want or allow and besides that I do not know if that script is supported or not. The above mentioned solution is supported and works. I hope the Program Manager for the Queue part will address this feature in the next version of Microsoft CRM!