Microsoft CRM & Roaming profiles?

Well as you know I usually dont post unsupported issues or features, but I will make an exception this time. I run into this alot and i know you guys outthere do as well.

"Can Microsoft Dynamics CRM run in an enviroment with roaming profiles and is this supported; the official answer would be NO it can't and it is not supported".

Installing Microsoft Dynamics CRM desktopclient for the firsttime on a roaming profile works, after a reboot or logging onto a new machine it will give you an error and Microsoft CRM wont work anymore. This has to do with the fact that the classes in the register is being emptied/removed when using roaming profiles.

To solve this I modified the mscrmclasses.cmd which we use in our Terminal Server installation and applied this after a reboot or logging onto a new machine, after i ran the script i started Outlook and Microsoft Dynamics CRM worked!!! To apply the script you have to give it some information to make it work.

install/uninstall^> [Build Number] [Install Path]
install - adds the reg keys
uninstall - removes the reg keys
Build Number - the Build Number that is being installed.
Install Path - Path where Microsoft CRM For Outlook is installed

Open a CMD box and type this for example: C:\mscrmclasses2.cmd install 3.0.5300.0 "C:\Program Files\Microsoft CRM" and hit enter.

Good luck with the solution/workaround, it worked for me several times.

Please do not bother Microsoft Support or me with "support questions" on this posting...we all know it is officially NOT supported.