My CRM Philosophy...

Relationmanagement, a strategy or vision?

The reasons for businesses to choose for a CRM solution is due to market changes, the need for better information or just to work more efficient. I know i can think of many more reasons but i guess you got the idea.

Focus on ICT instead of the user

A CRM implementation usually fails when the focus is primarily on ICT, therefore the most important thing for a successful implementation is overlooked, namely the users of the CRM system. By not involving the users in the project the chance is big that they don’t understand why there is a new system and acceptation of it will be very hard.

It is crucial to involve ICT and the “end users” when choosing and successfully implement a CRM system. To achieve this you need multidisciplinary methods with support and role model behavior from the highest level in the organization.

Focus on CRM Software instead of business processes

When then focus is on functionalities, features and custom fields of the software program, your business processes will seem to get subordinate to functionality. It’s not the (im)possibilities of a software program, but the business processes that should be the key focus for a CRM solution. To get an efficient CRM solution the primary business processes should be followed, the exceptions can be realized by using the flexibility of the organization itself or to extend Microsoft CRM with .NET add-ons.