Off Topic: feeling nakid without a mobile phone

I am attending the Convergence 2006 in Dallas, Texas and had a great dinner last night at Y.O Ranch Steakhouse. When I came to my hotel and wanted to reach for phone in my pocket I noticed it wasn't there and I completly freaked out.

I had no idea my phone is such an important thing in my life. I felt nakid without my phone. It contains everything, business contacts, friends, emails, name it. I did secure my phone with a pincode so they couldnt use or access my phone if it got stolen.

I had called from my hotel room to some guys I had the dinner with and asked if they got my phone and they didnt. Then I asked them to call my mobile and they said it's still ringing, so I thought I must have left it at the restaurant and not in the cab on my way back. I called the restaurant and they said they didnt see or have it.

I got back to the restaurant this afternoon after attending some sessions and they had the same answer, no we dont have it. I said is it possible it got wrapped in napkins or something when cleaning the table, and they said yes thats possible. So I asked to let me call the phone while they listend at the wastebins......

..and HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY, they found it in one of the wastebins. I am so happy now.

The moral of this story is that I am even more carefull with my phone than i already was and secondly I am going to think of a way to become less depend of a phone and feel less nakid when I loose it.