Today's word: Insomnia

Because sleep needs differ from person to person and even year to year, there is no "correct" amount of sleep. In general, most people need between 7 to 9 hours of restful sleep in order to feel their best the next day, but some people do fine on 4 or 5 and others may need 10 or more.
The average person will spend 1/3 of his or her life asleep and adequate, restful sleep is a basic human need, like air, water, and food. Poor sleep, or the perception of it, can result in mood disturbances, irritability, lack of motivation, decreased attention span, trouble with concentration, low levels of energy, and fatigue.

I see you wondering and thinking what does this word got to do with ICT? Well I think I am 100% sure that most or a lot of people that work in the ICT sector has suffered or is suffering from lack of sleep. I know I had those sleepless nights or weeks when you were stressing on a project, had a lot of normal work or maybe a new cool idea. The smart guys would say, hey freak you are talking bout lack of sleep; well maybe I am and maybe I am not, you read in it what you want. I have tried to find a real good mix in my work and my private life, which is hard i must admit. My work just absorbs me.

So the word for today is:

The inability to sleep adequately. Causes may include poor sleeping conditions, circulatory or brain disorders, a respiratory disorder known as apnea, stress, or other physical or mental disorders. Insomnia is not harmful if it is only occasional; the body is readily restored by a few hours of extra sleep.

Main Entry: in·som·nia
Pronunciation: in-'säm-nE-&
Function: noun
Etymology: Latin, from insomnis sleepless, from in- + somnus sleep
: prolonged and usually abnormal inability to obtain adequate sleep
- in·som·ni·ac /-nE-"ak/ adjective or noun