Transfer in progress but it is official!

I was waiting for my VISA approval as you could read in one of the previous postings. After filling in numerous of forms and waiting for some weeks I can now really say "I got it". I picked it up this morning and I did a little "happy happy joy joy" dance. I Must say it sure does help when working for a big company like Microsoft, because I don't even want to think about all I have should done by myself to get that VISA. It would be a nightmare I tell you!! I am not sure if my new manager read this blog, but I am sure he is really happy to find out that right now I only need to take an airplane and fly to California, do some SSN thingies and some other stuff.

The hardest thing about coming to the US is the way your credit history and everything else revolves around a SSN. When you get your SSN, you will basically be born on that day. And the funny thing is also that I will be treated like that...I will update when funny things happen with this Dutchie!

Since our blogengine upgraded I think you noticed the new layout on my blog with funky colours and a mega cool title picture which I made myself by using a great free tool. It is called Paint.NET and you can get it here:

Thank you all for the comments and emails congratulating me on my move, it is really good to see that my blog and me as person are being appreciated. Per month I have 120.000 vistors reading my blog and I got to know some great people along the way. I will for sure continue to blog once I am settled in California.