Transfer still in progress but almost completed!

Hi Freakz,

As you could have read in my previous post and good readers might have seen the change in the subtitle of the blog. The subtitle changed from "this freak works for Microsoft in The Netherlands" to "transfer in progress". In short this means I have accepted a new job and i will be leaving The Netherlands and start a new life!

I want to shout out a BIG "thank you" to the team with whom I worked with closely this past year. I have enjoyed and learned a lot, but it is time to pursue my dream and have new challenges. Don't worry though, I will be still working for Microsoft and I am keeping my blog alive to keep sharing my knowledge with you guys. Now for some more details on my move....

I am moving to Northern California where I will be a Technology Specialist specialised in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. I will start by the end of this month. So now you know why I did not have the time to do some real serious posting on here. It took some time, stress and arrangements to get it all done, but I will have my VISA next week. In one of my next postings I will try to Explain what a Technical Specialist means and does.

All Microsoft CRM partners in the Northern Californian region will now have the chance to meet the MSCRM Freak in real life, and I do look forward on meeting you guys and drive some good business together.