What is wrong with the US spelling system?

Many Dutch last names start with an independent prefix ("tussenvoegsel") like van ("of"), de or het ("the"), der, van de or van der ("of the"), and in het ("in the"). Examples are De Groot ("the great"), Van Weert ("of the city Weert"). Many such Dutch surnames originated from referrals to cities and other geographical locations. My last name is "te Koppele" and it seems I cannot have it correctly spelled in the U.S.A. My Manager makes fun of me and my last name and says I need to change it to John Doe or something...something they cannot spell wrong in the States.

As you might have noticed, this spelling stuff really frustrates me. I am entitled to have my last name spelled correctly, right? Why do European countries spell last names as they are supposed to be spelled and it does not matter what country you are from. In the States, It is really funny to see when I tell them to spell my first two letters "te" lowercase, then a "space" followed by a capital "K". The average response to that is: "Sir, I cannot change the first letter into a lowercase.

Today I went into a store and I could actually see the program they used. It was absolutely impossible to correct the first letter. Isn't this insane? I know that the average name in the USA starts with a capital, so having some logic behind these database fields is understandable. I think you must allow an override though, so the default is always capital but when a person explicitly says "te Koppele" then this should be an option in the system...like we do in Europe!

This again proves that I still don't want to live in a truly automated and computerized world!

Of course any comments about my last name or the US spelling system are more than welcome in the comments section!