www.live.com: Sharing my CRM page

As you all might know I am a great fan of www.live.com and it has been my start page for a long time. A new option is to share your "tabs' with others. So after seeing this new feature and testing it I started cleaning out my "CRM blog collection". Cleaning out you might think....?

Well we have a really great CRM blogging community, but sadly enough I must admit that a lot of the CRM bloggers stopped blogging so they left me no choice other than removing them from my CRM tab. I hope by reading this post fellow bloggers will update their bookmarks and update the links on their blogs.

A long time ago I created a CRM tab on my www.live.com start page and right now I am able to share this with you. Do you think you need to be on my list? Leave me a comment with your name and blog location and I will add you. My only requirement to be on my CRM list is that you regularly blog about Microsoft Dynamics CRM. I hope I can expand my current list and I will try to share my list as often as possible.

Click or copy this URL and paste it in your browser's address bar: http://www.live.com/?addTemplate=1e0c3577-7318-443f-9f93-5dc71ab683c5