Microsoft Datacenter Engineers Discuss Software-Defined Datacenters at Industry Events

Monica DrakeMonica Drake, Cloud Infrastructure Marketing
Global Foundation Services

Customers look to Microsoft's cloud to deliver highly available experiences across our 200+ cloud services. Microsoft remains focused on building software-defined datacenters to improve the reliability of our cloud-scale infrastructure. This month, General Manager Christian Belady and Director of Datacenter Architecture & Design, David Gauthier, both members of Microsoft's Datacenter Services team, will participate in top industry events to share lessons learned from designing and operating Microsoft's global infrastructure. 

Belady will keynote at Datacenter Dynamics Converged London on Wednesday, November 20. He will highlight Microsoft's progress to create datacenter designs that help increase operational efficiency and deliver high availability, all while lowering costs. 

Gauthier, will participate in a panel discussion -The Modules and Containers - What's the Hype About?at the 7X24 Exchange Turning Vision into Action 2013 Fall Conference in San Antonio, TX. Responsible for recent Microsoft datacenter designs including Quincy, Washington; Chicago, Illinois; and Dublin Ireland, Gauthier will highlight the range of modular designs the company's has used to help reduce design efficiency and reduce time and costs. 

Both events remain open for registration. If you can't join either event, please check out our other resources -  Software Reigns in Microsoft's Data Centers  and  Microsoft Cloud-Scale Data Centers  to learn how software has changed the way Microsoft approaches datacenter designs.